Our Covid-19 Approach and Safety measures

As we find ourselves within a global crisis and COVID-19 impacting so many businesses and households. We at SMFlooring and Installers are aware and adhere to all government instructions and policies. We also take the utmost care when it comes to ensuring the health of our employees and also the importance of our clients.  Below is an outline of policy when entering your home and business premises to ensure you our clients and our staff are protected and have all the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in place to limit any contact or spread of the virus.

When entering your home or business premises:


  • Try to have as few as possible people around and engaging with the area that needs to completed
  • All staff will arrive with masks in place and properly worn
  • There temperatures will have already been taken and checked for any flu like symptoms
  • Staff will are consulted daily if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive and immediately placed into isolation
  • Social distancing protocols of at least 1.5m between all staff is adhered to
  • Sanitiser is supplied onsite by SMFlooring
  • Smflooring will ensure the floor area has been cleaned and has been sanitised after the installation of any floor has been done and complete
  • Clients are kindly asked to advise if a COVID-19 breakout has appeared in your home or business premises so that the area is sanitised before any work is able to take place.
  • If there has been a breakout there could be possible delays with commencement of the project. SMFlooring will only enter unless it is safe to do so.


As there is much concern, we are pro-actively putting all the necessary measures in place to limit personal contact as much as possible. Clients are welcome to send any concerns our way and we will gladly respond and give an update with how we will approach it and ensure your home and business still receives that glowing look.

For more information about COVID-19 and our governments approach to overcoming the pandemic please see more here at this link: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/